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Right Now

We are dedicated to the redevelopment of the historic Jackson Brewery building in Over-The-Rhine. But due to the long construction process and the difficult renovations that are specific to stabilization of the building and site, we are starting our collaboration in a new location and planning to EXPAND to the Jackson when the time is available.

Please welcome Grayscale Cincinnati to the Northside neighborhood! We are rushing so much to get music in your ears, theater in your soul, and beer in your belly, that we couldn't wait any longer.

We're moving into the Historic St. Patrick's Church building on Blue Rock Street in Northside. One block from Hoffner Park, and ready to be a BIG part of the neighborhood. The brewery will set up here, the entertainment will be happening, and you can help us grow.



We're continuing to crowd-fund this project because we want our lives to be this project, and we want to involve everyone. The funds from this will be going directly towards our redevelopment process - construction and equipment - and right back into our Cincinnati neighborhoods. We're following our business plan for operations and long-term development, but we need to open the doors first. While this is something we love, we're still coming at this project from the craftsman mindset, with a relentless focus on becoming the best space for artists, beer, and urban redevelopment. This is something we know we can do really really well.

Cincinnati needs some great performance spaces of this scale with good acoustics, nice amenities, and a centralized location. We are devoted to giving musicians, theater companies, dancers, filmmakers, and all other artists a place that is accessible to a mid-sized audience in a space that really lets them be creative. It is our passion to work with artists to get their work presented, and to provide the city with these essential cultural assets to share and bond over.


With our team's background we discovered that we can offer that and much more. Our business objectives are: 1) Launch a live music venue bolstered by innovative recording technology and digital distribution system. 2) Instate an operating brewery onsite to serve as a tourist destination and bar. 3) Create a multi-purpose theater space for live theater and other events.

The goal amount for this campaign is a piece of the financial puzzle. We don't intend on using this to fund the whole project - we have a plan that utilizes some investment capital and an SBA loan to purchase the real estate, equipment, and get the doors open. But any additional financial help we can get goes a long way to making the project better. And after our original crowd-funding campaign success, we heard over and over that the rewards were so cool, that we needed to offer them continuously.

So here it is: help us out, and get cool stuff in return.
If we could reach our overall goal, we could open the doors next year without any debt - which would be a dream that would get paid back to you. Free shows, educational outreach, flying in bigger artists - all those things we want to do someday, could be done immediately. I'm so excited! Please help us get there by contributing and sharing our dreams for the city.

Choose a Reward

Pledge $500.00

Limit of 100 — 98 remaining

FREE BEER FOR A YEAR - You get free in-house beer for one whole year. Non-transferrable.

Pledge $1,000.00

Limit of 100 — 94 remaining

FREE BEER FOR LIFE - You get free in-house beer for your life, or as long as we're in business. Non-transferrable.

Pledge $25.00

Limit of 500 — 413 remaining

GRAYSCALE T-SHIRT - An Exclusive shirt designed and printed by Cincinnati's Southpaw Prints. Choose between our awesome Grayscale Cincinnati slogan or the stunning Metal Blast building image (see images on the left towards the bottom) Add $25 to your pledge to include this with any other reward.

Pledge $45.00

Limit of 150 — 118 remaining

GRAND OPENING GALA - Entry into the grand opening gala celebration. Music, food, drinks, etc... Add $26 for a "plus one"!

Pledge $85.00

Limit of 20 — 19 remaining

BACKSTAGE PASSES - Snag a couple (two) exclusive backstage passes to hang out with your new favorite musicians or actors before and after a show! Add $81 to any other item to add these to your reward.

Pledge $100.00

Limit of 30 — 26 remaining

TOUR AND CHAT - Get an hour with Scott and Dominic. The architect can give you a tour of the buildings in Northside or OTR, or the professor can talk music. Want to see the blueprints? Music theory rant? Chat about Frank Zappa? Tour of how the sound system works? You get our attention on-site for an hour plus. Travel expenses not included.

Pledge $249.00

Limit of 24 — 20 remaining

PRIVATE LESSON PACKAGE - 8 30-minute sessions - MUSIC lessons with one of the best players on your instrument in the city! From classical to jazz/rock/pop, and whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned vet, we will find the right teacher for you! OR 8 30-minute sessions - DRAMA/ACTING lessons with a real working actor in Cincinnati! You will receive personal focus from a trained professional whether you are a beginner or a practiced performer! Great for public speakers too!

Pledge $300.00

Limit of 30 — 27 remaining

CONTRIBUTOR - Your name in the lobby! We'll be creating an stylistic formal "thank you" to all sponsors at and above this level. This gets you the name plate, inscribed as you like. Also includes a digital PDF copy of the renovation process art book and the private tour of the facility.

Pledge $420.00

Limit of 10 — 9 remaining

FRIENDLY PACKAGE - For you and a friend: Private tour of the Northside and OTR buildings, two of the shirts shown to the left, two tickets to a music concert with drinks on the house, and lunch with Dominic and Scott. We'll take you out for burritos or pizza after the tour! (Travel costs not included.)

Pledge $500.00

Limit of 70 — 68 remaining

NAME A THEATER SEAT - Your name, family name, business name, or witty quip engraved on a brass plate permanently affixed to a seat in the theater. We'll also try to accommodate your request to sit in "your seat" whenever you visit! All perks above this also receive lobby recognition and entry into the pre-opening gala!

Pledge $800.00

Limit of 1 — 1 remaining

MOBILE SOUND RIG DEDICATION - We are designing a mobile sound rig to bring to events all over: music events, beer events, races, festivals, etc... We'll pick the equipment, but you can design the aesthetic - we'll paint or decorate the entire rig (with some coordination) however you want. Brand it after your business, or simply fluorescent pink, your choice!

Pledge $950.00

Limit of 6 — 6 remaining

BREWER FOR A DAY! - You and one of your closest friends will get to be a brewer for the day! You will work with the founder and brew master crafting one of the official creations. You will also receive a private tour of the brewery and building where you will get to explore the 19th century lagering cellars buried deep in the Clifton hillside below the building. "Quality Testing" required through out the brew day.Includes entry into the Grand Opening Gala for both of you.

Pledge $1,000.00

Limit of 4 — 4 remaining

HIGH SCHOOL BAND PACKAGE - Your school ensemble plays on our stage, opening for a professional act. Includes rehearsal masterclass with Professor Marino and free admission for everyone! Add 600$ to your pledge for: recording of the performance, free downloads of the recording, and professional photography of the event and your group.

Pledge $1,200.00

Limit of 1 — 1 remaining

DRESSING ROOM DEDICATION - Name a dressing room. You are a star! Put that power to work and get your name permanently on one of our four dressing rooms backstage. Includes a dedication ceremony in your honor. If you're out of town, we will record a video of us dedicating your room.

Pledge $1,300.00

Limit of 16 — 16 remaining

PRIVATE CONCERT - Book a one-hour show at our venue by one of the Cincinnati area's greatest musicians! Invite your friends, hang out with the artists, tour the building. A show specifically for you! See the descriptions and links for the artists listed on the About The Project page.

Pledge $1,500.00

Limit of 2 — 2 remaining

PLATINUM TICKET - You get in free. To every show. Forever. Even if a show's pre-sale tickets are sold out, you can call us and we'll get you YOUR seat. Also includes the backstage passes, contributor reward, private tour, and your choice of a t-shirt shown on the left. <non-transferable>

Pledge $2,500.00

Limit of 8 — 8 remaining

DESIGN A MICROBREW - Name and help with your own microbrew! Work with one of our in-house brewers to construct a signature flavor of your choosing on the brewery's 1/2 barrel pilot system to be sold as a limited run specialty at the bar. Ingredients, science, and tastings included! On release day for your brew, get a private tour of the building for you and your friends.

Pledge $5,000.00

Limit of 1 — 1 remaining

PIANO DEDICATION - For the truly generous, help with the purchase of a piano. We will permanently affix a beautiful nameplate with your name on our grand piano. All the pianists that come through, forever, will know this majestic instrument by your name!

Pledge $5,999.00

Limit of 4 — 4 remaining

RECORD AN EP - FULL PRODUCTION - Record an EP on our soundstage. Dominic will PRODUCE it - hiring musicians, running the boards, mixing and mastering. All included. Your sounds + our tech = golden recordings.

Pledge $9,500.00

Limit of 1 — 1 remaining

LOBBY DEDICATION - Name the lobby gallery space! Just think, all the receptions and events we'll hold will permanently be listed at the <Your Name> Lobby! Commemorated with an official wall placard, this will be permanent. Also includes invitations to the pre-opening gala and reception, your choice of a t-shirt shown to the left, the exclusive poster, and a pair of season tickets for the first full season of our theater performances.

Our original campaign video

We originally planned on a short, intense crowdfunding campaign to kick off our project. Here's the introduction video we produced.

Project Updates

Crowdfunding Continuation

Our initial campaign last year was extremely successful. As with all big projects, ours is still working through many details and figuring out the specific needs to get the doors open. During this time, we’ve heard over and over that people we disappointed they missed the first crowdfunding campaign – both because they want to […]

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